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No longer hawking only the requisite T-shirts, belt buckles, and trinkets, Cabo's improved shopping scene has reached the high standards of other Mexican resorts. Its once-vacant streets are today lined with dozens of new shops, from open-air bazaars to souvenir shops and fine designer boutiques. To be sure, there's something for everyone here.

Puerto Paraiso
Cabo San Lucas

As Los Cabos continues on its upscale trajectory, it's safe to declare that this region has arrived and the shopping here has gone palatial. There is no better, or more apt, way to describe Puerto Paraíso, the city's thriving, air-conditioned, three-story marble- and glass-enclosed mall. With well more than 100 stores, boutiques, restaurants, galleries, and services.

Cabo San Lucas

Warehouses outside the US are similar to those in the US. Layout, signage, and even parking lot markings are generally identical to warehouses in the US.

Mercado Municipal
Google Map location
San José del Cabo

The town market is where locals go for farm-fresh produce, meats and fish. Beside the stalls of fruit and vegetables, you’ll find a great butcher; competing fishmongers offering gorgeous red snapper, tuna and skate; a dairy stand for eggs, milk and cheese; and even a stall selling tortilla baskets - all at great prices.

La Europea
Various Locations

La Europea has a great deli and selection of wines, champagne, beers, and nibblies for the home, fiesta, or even picnic with box lunches for those on the go.

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