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Prepare yourself for a gourmand's delight. The competition, creativity, selection, and, yes, even the prices are utterly beyond comprehension. From elegant dining rooms to casual seafood cafés to simple taquerías, Los Cabos serves up anything from standard to thrilling fare.

Flora's Field Kitchen
San José del Cabo

Flora's Field Kitchen takes farm to table dining to another level. The restaurant is set next to a 10-acre organic field, and you can almost reach out and touch the food you'll soon be eating. The food is superb, and ranges from gourmet pizzas to heartier fare like farm-raised pork or handcrafted pastas. Click here for reservations.

Cabo San Lucas

Nick-San may very well be Cabo San Lucas's top restaurant. Owner Angel Carbajal is an artist behind the sushi counter (he also has his own fishing boats that collect fish each day), and his creative fusion menu of Japanese and Mexican cuisines truly sets his masterpieces apart.

Taqueria Rossy


San José del Cabo


If you want the best fish tacos in Los Cabos, this is the place. The ultimate hole-in-the-wall taco joint offering the freshest seafood outside of the ocean.

Los Tres Gallos
Cabo San Lucas

Los Tres Gallos not only features the best Mexican cuisine in Cabo San Lucas, it may be the best restaurant in Los Cabos. Everything on the menu is delicious, but the mole dishes, in particular, are spectacular. There is a romantic courtyard dining area shaded by apple and mango trees, and the service, like the food and atmosphere, is first-class. 

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