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Our Favorite things in Los Cabos!


Cabo San Lucas and San José del Cabo offer some of the best cuisine, nightlife, shopping and entertainment in Mexico. Restaurants offer locally sourced, organic ingredients. Nightlife that rivals any major metropolis. Shopping from local mercados to high-end boutiques. Entertainment to please the kids, or the kid in you!


Prepare yourself for a gourmand's delight. The competition, creativity, selection, and, yes, even the prices are utterly beyond comprehension. From elegant dining rooms to casual seafood cafés to simple taquerías, Los Cabos serves up anything from standard to thrilling fare.


Cabo San Lucas is known by some as a party destination for American and Canadian tourists seeking to get out, get drunk, and get dirty.  However, Cabo San Lucas and San José del Cabo (which together form Los Cabos) tend to be far more classier than their Mexican counterparts such as Tijuana, Puerta Vallarta or Cancun.


No longer hawking only the requisite T-shirts, belt buckles, and trinkets, Cabo's improved shopping scene has reached the high standards of other Mexican resorts. Its once-vacant streets are today lined with dozens of new shops, from open-air bazaars to souvenir shops and fine designer boutiques. To be sure, there's something for everyone here.


With breathtaking beaches, phenomenal sportfishing, and tony spas, Los Cabos offers enticements for all types of travelers. For a lively vacation filled with restaurants and nightlife, head to Cabo San Lucas. For a more exclusive and relaxing experience, head to San José del Cabo.

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